Saturday, January 7, 2017

Intentions for the year in a Full Moon Session Thursday 12th January!

After a break I am looking forward to start dancing with you again every Thursday in West! I also want to share this time some tools I have been using for almost a year with amazing results. One is to hold a shared gratitude journal. It consists in writing everyday ten or more things you are grateful for and send it to a friend who has agreed to do the same. Doing it with a partner stimulates your following up and gives extra joy to it. It is well know that gratitude is some of the higher vibrational kind of energies one can experience. Have you noticed that when you are extremely happy, gratitude is what immediately arise? That is why at Danspiritual sessions, we dedicate a moment of gratitude before we start dancing. Another thing that I have started doing, thanks to a tip of my dear friend E is making a full moon meditation every month and it is really beautiful!

12th January all of you are welcome for a Full Moon Danspiritual session. Let's do the ritual of connecting to this powerful energy in this special day, set goals and intentions for the year and dance from your heart! 

See you there!

LOCATION: De Horizon. Hembrugstraat 156. 1013XC Amsterdam.
DATES: Every Thursday. Door opens 7.45pm. We start at 8.00 - 9.30pm.
TELEPHONE: 0641965220

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