Sunday, July 7, 2019

I Am-Ness Danspiritual Workshop sessions use shamanic
dance, affirmations, guided meditations, inquiry work, visualizations, inner child work, connection to the natural world and oracle guidance cards. The ultimate goal of these sessions is training you to live from the energy of the loving and lovable being you are. You can follow one or all of them. It is up to you!

A member of the Danspiritual Meetup group reaction after one I AM-NESS session was:

"Wow! I almost don't have any words to explain this fantastic meetup. The host is such a warm-hearted being, it has been great to work with Risa Luna during the dance. Additionally, the technique itself felt so powerful as it was not only about desiring to be something or to be better at something but the inner work itself was based on fully embodying what one already is and what one, cannot yet see. Highly recommended meetup and I will probably be coming as much as I can...."

Dates: 1, 8, 15 & 22 of July 2019
Time: 19:30 - 21:30
Doors open 19:00
Session starts at 19:30
Sharing and tea 21:00
We go home at 21:30
(Come on time because we are located in the last floor of the building so getting to the studio will take you around 6 minutes if you haven't been here before.)
Tea and biological snacks are included in the price.
Optional: Bring a bottle of water.
Location: Anamorphic Studio, OT301. Overtoom 301, Amsterdam. Last floor of the building. First studio at the left hand.

Paid in advance via the bank: 10 euro.
Tickets at the door 12 euro.
Payments to: P I Vega Boschiazzo
NL25 INGB 0009305265 Your name + I AM-NES + datum you will assist.

What is Danspiritual?
It is an embodied meditation practice devised by Risa Luna Vega-Boschiazzo. It explores the possibilities of instinctual movement and dance as a means of expression and consciousness expansion. Fundamental to the practice is the individual’s experience in the present moment and the cultivation of a nonjudgmental attitude. Danspiritual aims to create an all-inclusive community of people passionate about dance, inner growing and committed to consciously living.

Over Risa Luna
Risa is an Inner Child coach, Danspiritual facilitator and visual artist. She guides people to release their negative patterns and embrace their unique precious self through coaching, dance and art.

Inquiries? or 0641965220

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