Sunday, March 15, 2015


Dear Danspiritual dancers and Danspiritual dancers to be,

Thank you for visiting my blog. 
After six months of weekly organising this evening, I can tell that I feel very satisfied with the experience. The attendants, which are now becoming more, keep coming every week. They come from different work fields and countries. They have in common their love for dancing, having open minds, being life-lovers and the sweetest guys on earth! 

During these months I have been trying different ways of working and I will possibly keep doing it. My music taste had refined and became wider. 
I am really adoring doing Danspiritual and dance with you guys, so thank you once again for having joined the event and giving me your enthusiastic and supportive feedback!

I just have finished dancing my playlist for tomorrow.  Yes I try it!
...and it rocks, so if you can, come! You will certainly would not regret it.

With dancing love,

Studio Solebay
Livornostraat 22hs.
Amsterdam West, Bos en Lommer
Seven minutes with the bike from the Westergasfabriek 

Every Monday 7.45-9.30 pm.

Contribution: 10 euro and first timers 5 euro. 
Strippenkart for 5x :45 euro valid for 2 months. 
Low income and students: 8 euro

No age limit. No previous dancing experience required. No choreographies

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