Friday, March 6, 2015


Hi dearest dancers!
I want to thank everyone who participated in the last session for making that night so special! THANKS!

If you have ever joined us you might know that at Danspiritual we have a lot of fun and end up totally relaxed and not wanting to leave that state!

If we choose to meditate in between the sessions. Let's say 5 to 20 minutes everyday we can bring our well being to a higher level. Not that we won’t feel blue anymore but we might start being more conscious of why this is happening.  Be able to deal with strong emotions and to exercise what I find the most powerful tool for inner change: ACCEPTANCE of WHAT IS. And I mean NO matter WHAT IT IS. That is the hard part.

I am convinced that the power of dance is enormous and so it is our need to commune in a group to feel alive, accepted or even better loved and part of something bigger than ourselves. The reason I introduced mindfulness exercises in the sessions is because of the amazing positive results that this can bring to people in the form of awareness, creativity and health. These exercises in combination with dancing freely in a safe environment results into an experience that creates in my opinion a kind of resilience to negativity. Coming Monday I would like to give some more attention to meditation. Tell you a bit of my experience with it and of course: Dance dance & dance!

Do you love dancing and like to join a bunch of sweet fun people gathering together to enjoy themselves and take a little step further in developing a better contact with yourself and therefore with others? If yes is the answer join us. 
I suspect you will love it!


Studio Solebay
Livornostraat 22hs
Amsterdam West, Bos en Lommer
Seven minutes with the bike from the Westergasfabriek 

Every Monday 8-9.30 pm. But please be 10 min before we actually start! 

Contribution: 10 euro and first timers 5 euro.
Strippenkart for 5x : 45 euro valid for 2 months.

Low income and students: 8 euro

No age limit. No previous dancing experience required. No choreographies

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