Wednesday, May 27, 2015


"The Danspiritual evening on Monday has become an eagerly awaited start to my week. The lead-in mindfulness exercises gently ease me into a more centred state which allows me to let go and get right into dancing. I'm taken on a journey by the carefully collated playlists which stimulate all kinds of emotional, spiritual and physical responses in me: sometimes I feel serene and move gently, letting the music infuse me and pulsate me along, then with other tracks the beats and rhythms surge through my body and I find myself bounding around with raw energy. The wonderful feeling I have afterwards stays with me for days."

"Participating in Danspiritual I remember very clearly the feeling of dancing alone but with others. 
Sharing a long moment of total release, that goes on for so long that if you didn't let go from the beginning you can't avoid jumping on to the wave of energy during the session. It's wonderful. Go get lost in your own dance moves!"

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