Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Dance at the Office at Circle Economy!

Hi there dear dancers,
I want to share a really beautiful and inspiring experience I had last Wednesday morning.

I was invited by Merve Güvendik, one of our enthusiastic participants in Danspiritual evenings, to give a 30 minutes "Dance at the Office" workshop at Circle Economy offered as a team building activity. 

This is what her colleagues and herself said about the workshop:

- It was fun!

- It was joyful.

- I felt bound together.

- I felt like a child.

- I was tense, I am not tense anymore.

- Good start of the day.

- We felt very comfortable with each other while dancing.

Merve: "When I told them about Danspiritual, they thought it was too "spiritual" but today they found out that it is so much fun and it was not that spiritual. They liked it. Another thing they said is that they realised it really increased their energy and they could go easily through the day if they just start dancing like this for half an hour in the morning. 
Last thing they said was that the flow of the dance, the whole event was so natural. We started just walking and everybody could step in so easily because the flow was just natural."

Thank you Merve and thank you Circle Economy participants. You made my day! 
After that I was asked to give another workshop for a Circle Economy Congress in Nijmegen for 60 people... Looking forward to it ;) 


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