Friday, September 9, 2016

Danspiritual & The Four Elements 
Sunday 25th September, Overtoom 301, Amsterdam

I 've got so much inspiration from dancing outdoors everyday that I am thrilled to give this workshop and continue offering this path for tuning with one's own inner strength and intuition. Everybody is welcome!


The Four Natural Elements Workshop offers a practice where the participant is guided to dive into the body and learn how to trust in his/her process through life. The participant is enabled to integrate the positive attributes of each of the elements Earth, Water, Fire and Air, into his/her own body and psyche. 

This practice offers dissolution into oneness through conscious movement. The improvisation dance segment that follows, provides the space for enjoying and exploring corporeality creatively, navigating freely in a trance, which allows feelings, emotions and inspirations to emerge and healing to take place.

Danspiritual is a journey back to the magnificent self and mystery we are; a space where a deep sense of inner peace, gratitude and wonderment waits to be unveiled. 

Anamorphic Studio
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
(Top floor of the OT301)
Sunday 25th September
15.00 - 17:00
Contribution: €10
Students: €6 
Tel: 0641965220

It is highly appreciated if you confirm your attendance sending an email to 

Bring a yoga mat, blanket or towel, comfortable clothes & a bottle of water. No experience request to join the sessions.


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