Friday, September 16, 2016

A testimony from a participant of the Danspiritual sessions in Lima  

"Free. Abundant. Whole. Transformed. Healed. Loved. Dancing on the rooftops with Patricia brought an unknown peace to me. Guided by her inspired meditations and the freedom found in movement I instinctively began healing some of my long held wounds. An hour dancing with Patricia was more therapeutic and transformative than hours, even years of therapy.

Patricia’s carefully selected music and her kindness which puts even the most introverted and clumsy at ease created a space in which I could completely let go. She asked us to look into ourselves and in so doing guided me into a trance like state where I felt a depth, a connection with myself and the universe that was previously inaccessible to me. I saw my future and all its possibilities before me. The naysaying voices of “you’re not enough” were silenced, replaced by the deep and unabiding love that Patricia  infuses in all that she does. I felt loved, cared for, accepted and limitless.

Each night dancing with Patricia was a gift. A gift that extended to the following days in which I felt as if I walked through the world with my heart as my guide. I could feel the muscles in my face relax into serenity. The tensions that plagued me erased and in their place a stillness that caused me to gaze at the world with a quiet acceptance. Patricia taught me to be in the moment. To love the moment and to see all those who I come across through a lens of love.

Danspiritual was my weekly spiritual massage. With Patricia is half a world away in Amsterdam I feel her absence and miss my Lima rooftop sessions with her in more ways that she will ever know. In its place she left the most beautiful gift, a person more whole, more sure of her place in this world, with the small hope that she can touch others in the ways Patricia has touched her.

Be kind to yourself. Open yourself up to Danspiritual and let the best version of yourself emerge." 

S. F.

Thank you dear S! I feel so happy that Danspiritual have done you good. It is always my pleasure to see people working towards the realization of their immense inner power and beauty. Thank your for your generous words and taking the time to share this with me! 

Lots of love and happiness!

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