Thursday, October 6, 2016

Live Music Danspiritual Workshop Sunday 23rd October in OT301!

I am happy to announce the first Live Music Danspiritual Workshop of this year on Sunday 23rd of October at OT301! Save the date!

If you love dancing and you are open to try new ways to energise yourself and bring more joy and balance to your life, this workshop is undoubtedly for you!
Danspiritual Live Music Workshops offer a chance to connect with your inner self and discover your full potential through by getting you out of your head and into your body.


You will be gently led to connect with the energy of the Four Natural Elements through live sound and music, that will not only allow you to align with the elements and activate their positive characteristics in yourself but will make you feel more confident and comfortable in your skin, ready to immerse yourself in a dance journey.

Live music and dance has been historically present in the sacred realms of many cultures. This particular kind of workshop, with its constant exchange of creative energy between participants and musicians, provides a highly energetic ritual-like atmosphere. Participants are free to express themselves and release undesired energies.

I am thrilled to have guitarist and composer David Golek in charge of creating the sound landscape of the session. David is a high talented and experienced musician who has traveled and toured extensively. His sensitivity, expertise and interest in a wide range of music makes him an ideal co-creator for this collective experience.

Since capacity is limited please reserve your spot by writing an email to:

Looking forward seeing you the 23rd!


Location: Anamorphic Studio 
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam 
(Top floor of the OT301) 
Date: Sunday 23rd October
Time: (Door opens at 14:45 ) 15.00 - 17.30 pm.
Contribution: €15
Students: €10

Bring a yoga mat, blanket or towel, comfortable clothes & a bottle of water.
No experience request to join the sessions.

NAME: P I Vega Boschiazzo
NL25 INGB 0009305265
MESSAGE: Your NAME + Danspiritual LIVE 23 OCT


Tel: 0641965220





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