Saturday, November 18, 2017

As Light as Air
DJ Yarun Dee 
Thursday 23rd November 
at OT301

Artwork by Risa Luna

AS LIGHT AS AIR WORKSHOP WITH DJ Yarun Dee It has been a great adventure and pleasure to have added the flavor and expertise of two wonderful DJ's to the FOUR NATURAL DANSPIRITUAL ELEMENTS sessions. This last one will be dedicated to Element Air, the more subtile of the four elements. One that will make you feel weightless and full of possibilities. It is open to every one. No previous experience or having followed the past workshops needed. If you a free spirit and love to dance you will definitely want to come back! WHAT TO EXPECT ✶ A session of conscious dance in where you will be gently guided to a state of relaxation through embodiment exercises. ✶ A safe space in where you can go deep into yourself, find inspiration and joy. ✶ A chance to explore your psyche and release negative emotions and let go of unnecessary burdens. ✶ Get a glance of your untapped potential. ✶ Connect with the breath of life to recognize what truly matters to you.

OVER YARUN DEE Yarun play rhythms that make your body want to dance, your mind to become silent and your spirit to expand. In the past several years he has been a resident at Odessa and Club Lite in Amsterdam, where he played at conscious events like Ecstatic Dance, The Chocolate Club, Tantric Dance and Shine. He's been playing at Ecstatic Dance events throughout The Netherlands and Europe. Right now he also is a resident at Ecstatic Dance Utrecht and Ecstatic Dance Odessa. To have a taste of Yarun Dee's music go to: GUIDELINES We dance with others or alone following the following guidelines: No speaking in the dance floor No shoes We are sensitive and respectful to the other's will of dancing alone We move freely in the space while taking care of others. PRACTICAL INFO Date: Thursday 23rd November Location: Anamorphic Studio. Overtoom 301, Amsterdam. (Last floor of the building, with the stairs behind you to the left.) Door opens: 7:15pm. We start: 7:30 and it goes on till 9pm. Contribution: €10 ( We appreciate you bring exact cash! Bring: Comfy clothes. GUIDELINES No speaking in the dance floor No shoes We are respectful to other's will of dancing alone We move freely in the space while taking care of others Some beverages are available in the kitchen. No glasses allowed in the dance floor (just bottles of water if you bring yours.) CONTACT Tel: 0641965220

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