Sunday, April 1, 2018

Danspiritual Film Fundraiser Radio Voorwaarts 18th April 

Stills from the film Radio Voorwaarts by Bram van Dijk

Danspirtual is back and whether you had danced before with us or not, here is your chance not only to dance into a state of natural joy and inner connection but also help a group of young and passionate filmmakers and a talented mix of collaborators bring a short film to life. All proceeds from this session will help fund the post-production and distribution costs of the film Radio Voorwaarts, an ode to alternative spaces in Amsterdam, directed by Mateo Vega and produced by Yannesh Meijman.

About the film:
"Radio Voorwaarts takes place at the last party of an (anti)squat building set to be evicted. A multiplicity of characters – artists, students, squatters, idealists and ravers – come together one final time to simultaneously mourn and celebrate the end of their beloved space. Our film stems from the frustration with the fact that there is increasingly less space for alternative ways of living in Amsterdam, but it is simultaneously also an ode to the city. When a place that we dearly loved ceases to exist, we are sad and melancholic, but also grateful for having had the opportunity to experience it. Our film is about this feeling, the bittersweet beauty of fleetingness."

Let's welcome spring dancing! 

Date: Wednesday 18th April
Adress: Tugelaweg 85, Amsterdam 
Houten Studio MAP. Ring bell 9. 
Door opens: 7:15 pm.
We start: 7:30 pm.
Donation: €12 (minimum)
Dress code: Comfy clothes.
Tea offered at the end. 

Help us spreading the word joining the Facebook event and inviting your friends:

No talking in the dance floor
No shoes
We dance freely in the space while taking care of others

Tel: 0641965220

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