Sunday, April 22, 2018

Help Radio Voorwaarts finish their movie! Link to their crowdfunding here

Last Wednesday we had a blast dancing and supporting the completion of the movie Radio Voorwaarts! We are very thankful to all who came. If you are one that could not make it for whatever reason and think contributing to this exciting film gets done, here is how:

Go to the link underneath and watch the video with peeks of the movie and the presentation of the project by Mateo Vega, my son ;) and Yannesh Meijman and choose the amount you'd like to donate. If you don't speak Dutch you can follow the English directions of the link here or pay through PAYPAL.

All the crew and I will be very grateful to you if you choose to support this adventure!



Guide on how to donate in English:

You can donate sending your chosen amount to Choose the option "gift". If you donate in this way, send me a message to know that you made a deposit so I could immediately transfer it to the Crowdfunding site with your email, that will ensure that you will get the presents and be kept up to date.

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