Monday, July 16, 2018

Weekly Danspiritual in the open air! 
Join the free try-out session on Wednesday the 1st of August at 8 am. in Westerpark!

Hi there! Are you up for a morning bust in the middle of the week? Danspiritual is back with more diving into the body and freeing the mind in one of the more beautiful green spots of the city: Westerpark! Have you had the revitalizing experience of dancing with your feet on the ground while the fresh morning air fills your lungs? If you have never danced in a park, sober and with all your senses open, that will be something you would like to repeat time and time again. 

You will be guided to experience the whole spectrum of the Four Natural Elements’s attributes while moving and free-style dancing. Every element will enrich and balance your internal system. You will recognize what kind of energy you are most needing and you'll be given the tools to tune into it and integrate it in your daily life. 

Every Wednesday at 8 am. to 9am.
Starts: 1st of August. This session is free of charge
Fee:1st of August session is FREE of charge. After we ask a fee of 10 per session.

Just if you like bring something you can lie on or sit. (It is not mandatory but nice to have in case you may like to end up flat on the grass). You can dance barefoot or with comfy shoes, up to you!

See map. From the entrance closer to Haarlemmerplein, it's one minute ride, right in the middle of the BBQ area. 
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Tel: 0641965220

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