Friday, August 24, 2018

Pssssst... it is my birthday and I want to start the day dancing with you!

I used to be someone who stressed out because her birthday was coming but this is not the case anymore. Why? Probably because I choose to make it fun and do whatever I want to do!
So... what about you guys coming this Wednesday to give me a birthday hug and dance with me in the morning? We are starting at 10 AM so later than usual.

Besides inviting you to dance for FREE this morning, I want to share something that makes me everyday happier and fulfilled: to have started offering to people, the very thing that has changed my life for the good: Inner Child Work! If you know me and have seen me dancing, it is probably hard for you to imagine that I was once and for quite long in a very, very negative space. You can read about it and what this extraordinarily effective method is about on my website

Over my B-Day Danspiritual Morning Bust
We will dance in connection with the 4Natural Elements cause it is so easy to forget that we are TOO part of this amazing universe, so how about remembering it together through the best tool ever? Our extraordinary bodies!

Much love and a beautiful week!

Datum: 29th August as usual in Westerpark
Fee: A hug!
Time: 10 - 11am.
Location: See map below. From the entrance closest to Haarlemmerplein,
it's a 1 min ride, right in the middle of the BBQ area. See map below.
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