Sunday, November 18, 2018

Dancing with my Inner Child Workshop
2nd December 14-17hs.

Would you like to be kinder to yourself and enjoy a calm and peaceful state of mind most of the time? Would you like to transform your inner dialogue into one that nourishes your sense of worthiness? Do you want to wake up every morning with a sense of meaning because you are using your talents and following your call? I am here to offer you a workshop that can truly help you to start making that shift.
In this workshop, I combine my experience as an Inner Child coach and a Danspiritual facilitator using the method I use in guiding my clients to connect with their younger parts to release toxic programming. In this particular workshop, I have added movement, music and dance to make the experience more vivid and enjoyable.

After one hour of gathering notes for announcing this workshop, I decided to ask my inner child what was it that she most appreciates from being in touch with each other. *She replied without hesitation:

The most beautiful thing of having you is that I am not any more afraid to make mistakes.

*The way I communicate with my inner child is within meditation or journaling alternating the use of the dominant hand for the adult self and non-dominant for the young self.

Why it works so effectively?

The unconscious cannot differentiate between what we visualize or imagine in a relaxed and open mind state from what truly happens. When at the workshop our inner child, who had been feeling lonely or unsafe, for example, meets the adult self who is willing to embrace her lovingly and take care of her, this painful state subsides. And in time, if you are consistent in using the tools you have learned in the workshop and keep the contact with your younger self, you will witness an inner transformation.

This workshop offers you tools to help you to:

Recognize your needs.
Accept your emotions.
Live from your adult shoes.
Set healthy boundaries.
Heal old wounds.
Stop comparing yourself with others.
Choose to do what you love vs. doing to gain approval.
Be more patient and compassionate with yourself and others.
Cultivate hope.
Trust your intuition.
Recognize negative programming.
Give yourself more fun and play time.
Spot and calm down your critical inner voice.
Cherish your unique gifts and dare to use them.

Location and Date

Sunday 2nd December. From 2pm. -5pm.
Studio Fresh Tracks
The studio is located in the Helmersbuurt in Amsterdam. 2 min from the Vondelpark. The exact directions will be forwarded with the payment details.

Registration & Payments

There is a limited number of places for this workshop so registration is required. Please send me a message to forward the payment details and additional info to participate. Early Bird payment received up until Monday the 26th is 35 euro.
After Monday the price is 40 euro. You are registered after having paid and received a confirmation mail.
And do not forget that... every Saturday from 11 to 12 pm. we have SHAMANISTIC DANSPIRITUAL IN WESTERPARK

Fee: €10 per session or strippenkaart of 5x for €40. Introduce a friend and you pay together €10. Tea and chocolate after the dance!
We dance in comfy shoes. Bring a bottle of water and warm clothes in layers.

Westergasfabriek manifestatie terrain (Green area where concerts take place)
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