Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Shamanistic Danspiritual in Westerpark

every Saturday Morning

Every time I dance outdoors, I am more convinced that I'll be keeping this practice going the whole year. Today, like every Wednesday, I had my personal practice in the park and honestly, I needed to kick my ass to get out of the house this morning because once it becomes less warm, it's so easy to stay. I am happy I didn't because this morning my connection was extra deep. The grass was so long and green. The temperature perfect. There was literally no one! It was so sensual to caress the grass with my feet or was I the one who was caressed? I felt so profoundly grateful that I was moved to tears for being alive, for having a body, for being able to breathe. I don't say that this happens every time I dance but I certainly know that dancing in connection with the elements "does" something to me. This something is GOOD and it lasts. My day goes smoothly and it feels I can handle anything. Being in the body is an act of self-care and experiencing it outdoors, is empowering and adds a feeling of wonderment to it. So people, come and enjoy this mini-soul holiday I am offering you every Saturday. You just need to put your alarm on Friday and grab your bike, I do the rest :)

And before moving to the practicalities I want to tell you that my coaching practice is open. I am especially good at guiding clients in how to heal the wounds of the past and stopping toxic programming. Send me a message if you want to book an introductory free of charge session by Skype or at my home practice in Amsterdam.

Wishing you well,
Risa Luna

You will be guided to experience the whole spectrum of the Four Natural Elements’s attributes while moving and free-style dancing. Every element will enrich and balance your internal system. You will recognize what kind of energy you are most needing and you'll be given the tools to tune into it and integrate it in your daily life.

Every Saturday from 11AM to 12PM. ( In case of chances of rain showers, call me 0641965220)
Starts: 15th September.
Fee: €10 per session.

You come with a new friend? You pay for one.
You can dance barefoot or with comfy shoes. Bring a bottle of water.

See map below. From the entrance closest to Haarlemmerplein,
it's a 1 min ride, right in the middle of the BBQ area

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