Friday, June 5, 2015

Dance Workshop at 7am. at Circular Economy BOOSTcamping at Nijmegen!

I had the pleasure to be invited to give a dance workshop for the participants of  Circular Economy Boost camping video min 1:14 at Nijmegen on the 29th of May. 

I was very pleased to see that most of people who stayed at the camping liked to join the workshop which was scheduled before breakfast in an improvised dance space at the cafeteria. 

We started with a short body scan before doing some warming up exercises and then we danced. And we danced hard! 

I was happily surprised of the response and openness of the participants. Everybody felt quickly at ease, connected to each other, laughing and having fun! 

This is what participants answer to me when I asked how did they feel after the workshop:

- Perfect!

- Great!

- Very good!

- Good.

- Happy!

- Relaxed.

- Energised.

- Awake!

- A swinging begin of the day...

- I feel very happy!

I want to thank all participants and organisers for making this possible. I am looking forward to a similar experience in the future. 

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